'Treading water': Saving for retirement is harder

'Treading water': Saving for retirement is harder
Many workers don't even have access to a company-sponsored retirement plan, now considered a primary way to save for retirement. About 61 percent of employees had an employer that sponsored a pension or retirement plan in 2012, and just 46 percent of …
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UAB innovation saving millions of gallons of water monthly
The University of Alabama at Birmingham has come up with a novel way to save the university tens of thousands of dollars and millions of gallons of water. The Facilities Division created a network of tanks and piping that captures and uses ground water …
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Saving the Palos Colorados Trail, Santa Clara to See Water Bottle Refill Stations
Joaquin Miller Park's Palos Colorados trail has escaped permanent closure, due to erosion, thanks to the efforts of volunteers. [Contra Costa Times]; 100 water bottle filling stations to be installed throughout seven Santa Clara cities. [Save the Bay …
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